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Put your health on autopilot with the Healthy Habit Maintenance Massage Club


The Healthy Habits Maintenance Massage Club is VA Massage's premier membership program that helps you find sanctuary in your body.  Members of the Healthy Habits Maintenance Massage Club are people who want to take control of their own health and see bigger improvements from their sessions.  When you sign up for the club, you're making a commitment to yourself and getting a partner in your self-care.  It's easy to say, "I'm going to start taking better care of myself", but until you make a commitment, it's really just words.  Next thing you know, life throws you another curve-ball, and you're off track again... we've all been there!


Put yourself on autopilot

The Healthy Habits Maintenance Massage Club helps you put yourself on autopilot.  Imagine how much better you'll feel when just as you're starting to feel slightly tight again, you realize you've already got an appointment the next day.  It's so much better than waiting 'til you're tied up in knots & in pain.


In addition to seeing better results with regularity, the Healthy Habits Maintenance Massage Club gives you VIP status: access to member-exclusive specials and give-aways.  You'll also save money on each and every massage you get and receive a birthday massage for just $25!  There's different levels depending on your needs.  I'll help you figure out what's best for you to achieve your goals. 


Ready to get started?

Don't delay... get started in feeling better in your body right away!  Just contact me at [email protected] or text me at 757-534-8056, I can get you set up for your 1st appointment and consultation... then afterwards you can decide if the Healthy Habits Maintenance Massage Club is right for you.

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